Russian President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin: Russia seeks to further strengthen cooperation within BRICS

Russian President Vladimir Putin

"The BRICS organisation, created on Russia's initiative in 2006, has already become an influential factor of world politics and economy. Russia is interested in further strengthening cooperation between the BRICS states and in creating new cooperation mechanisms, including those in finance and the economy," President Vladimir Putin said at a ceremony for foreign ambassadors to present letters of credence.

He said that Russia expects the BRICS countries to reach agreement at the Ufa Summit on launching the BRICS Bank and the Contingency Reserve Arrangement.

The President also expressed confidence that the summit will give added impetus to the development of inter-parliamentary relations, humanitarian and informational cooperation and contacts between trade unions and non-governmental organisations.

President Putin emphasised that Russia will pursue friendly relations with all partners both in the East and the West and take part in developing collective solutions to global and regional problems. "The summits of such organisations as BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation that we are preparing to host in Ufa on 8-10 July will definitely help promote these efforts," he said.