Press Pools

Journalists will work in pools during the BRICS and SCO summits.

Information about the pools will be communicated to Delegation Media Officers.

Each pool covering an event at the summits will be assigned a number. Journalists who are given the opportunity to work in a pool will be issued a pool card with the number of the pool. A pool card will only be valid with an accreditation badge and should be worn under it in a special pocket.

Pool cards will be distributed by media officers of the delegations ahead of the summit in accordance with the delegation quota. Requests for including journalists in a pool should be addressed to the press service of the national delegation.

Before going to their designated working areas, journalists registered to work in each pool should meet in the Pool Gathering Area in the International Media Centre.

The time of the meeting will be announced to national delegations by liaison officers and through the International Media Centre's internal TV network. Late arrivals will not be able to enter the working areas and their lateness will be considered as a refusal on the part of the journalist to work in the pool.

Pool journalists will be accompanied to event venues by staff of the Organising Committee's Media Division and by security personnel. Journalists cannot proceed to pool events unaccompanied.